Why Saying Goodbye is Complicated

I know there are moms who have been counting the days till their teen moves out of the house and goes to college. And may even feel giddy with excitement till they can push their teens out the door. But actually it is rare that moms...

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#122 Want More Peace?

Can you be a parent of a teen and be at peace? [caption id="attachment_5597" align="alignright" width="300"] beautiful girl lying down of grass. Copy space[/caption] Not 100% of the time. But yes you can be a mom and chase after peace. It's good for you and your teen. In this...

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#119 Appreciating Dad

What did you appreciate about your dad when you were in high school? The reason I ask you this question is to give you perspective on how dads impact our teens by looking at how your dad impacted you in high school. Its sometimes hard to...

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