#142 What’s Your Face Saying?

#142 What’s Your Face Saying?

This episode was inspired by this quote by Jill Bolte Taylor. “Please be responsible for the energy you bring into this space.”

Now I know every mom listening is thinking absolutely my teen needs to be responsible for the energy they bring into my space. You are tired of the negative, pushy, defensive, edgy, angry, and whiny energy they bring into your home.

You can try to control their energy by threatening them, but the ironic thing here is often when a parent is in that threatening mode, the parent is usually furious and uses angry energy to subdue their teen’s angry energy. A parent’s angry energy doesn’t make their teen have good energy, it’s quite the opposite. A parent’s angry energy won’t make their teen be happy or content it will only escalate the anger.

You can’t control anyone else’s energy. I’m sure you know you can’t dictate your partner’s energy.

You can only control your energy.



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