“…reaches out with compassion, just a bit of sass, and—most importantly—a well-organized plan for keeping mother-daughter bonds from spiraling out of emotional control.” —Publishers Weekly

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Are you done with the drama in your house? Tired of conflict defining your life? Do you miss the close relationship you once had with your daughter?

Millions of mothers are at wit’s end. Not only do they struggle with their volatile teens. Most are also unprepared for the tangle of emotions it triggers…

You love your daughter.
You resent her bad attitude.
You worry about her choices.
You get hurt that she’s pushing away.
You feel overwhelmed trying to juggle it all.
You just can’t stand one more rolled eye or slammed door.

No wonder moms lash out when teens push their buttons! But overreacting—or freezing up—doesn’t feel good. And it doesn’t solve problems or build the relationship you want.

Dial Down the Drama gives you a fresh set of tools for not just surviving the years ahead, but enjoying the ride. Written by a family therapist who has repaired thousands of mother-daughter relationships, the book reveals her proven methods for deescalating scenes, establishing a calm center, and parenting intentionally. Everyone can do it, no matter how anxious or frazzled you feel now. You’ll learn how to:

• Break the cycle of conflict once and for all
• Tune in to your daughter without drowning in her drama
• Foster spontaneous conversations
• Understand the adolescent brain and how it influences behavior
• Appreciate her for who she is now—a wonderful work in progress
• Replace fear and overreacting with effective communication and action
• Forge a healthy, lasting bond together

Teenage moodiness and defiance can stress the best of us. This empowering guide helps you defuse the drama—and dial up the joy.

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