Your daughter is growing up, But you don’t have to grow apart.


Your daughter is about to graduate from high school. Now what?

You worry…

  • Is my daughter mature enough to live on her own? Will she be okay?
  • If her prefrontal cortex isn’t mature until 25 then how is she ready to go to college?
  • What about our relationship? Will I lose her?
  • What’s my role now? What’s next for me?

A daughter’s transition to adulthood can be even more stressful on mothers and daughters than the teen years. In this follow-up to her bestseller Dial Down the Drama, family therapist Colleen O’Grady helps you navigate this tumultuous time with an essential guide- book to this important stage of life and your evolving relationship.


Packed with insights into what you are feeling and experiencing with your daughter right now, and a roadmap for what’s coming, you’ll learn: 

→What’s going on with your daughter emotionally and physiologically, so you can set realistic expectations 

→ How to avoid common emotional traps that mothers can get caught in

→ How to navigate through setbacks and hard conversations 

→ Why it’s imperative to change your parenting role from monitor to trusted consultant—and how to do that 

→ How to make sense of your own mothering story

→ How to use this new phase in your daughter’s life to dial up your own dreams 

→ How to set the stage for a vibrant, meaningful, lifelong mother-daughter relationship 

Colleen (and guests) will share rich takeaways at her

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  • Sharing the BIG why behind Dial Up the Dream
  • Hearing stories first hand from moms in my book
  • A conversation with my daughter
  • My top 3 takeaways for moms of 18 to 25 year old daughters
  • An “ask Colleen anything” Q&A at the end 

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About Colleen

COLLEEN O’GRADY, MA, is a licensed therapist, coach, and trainer who helps moms reduce drama, reclaim their lives, and dial up their dreams with their teen and young adult daughters.

After fifty thousand hours of working with moms and daughters and having lived it with her own daughter, she published her award-winning and bestselling book Dial Down the Drama: Reducing Conflict and Reconnecting with Your Teenage Daughter—A Guide for Mothers Everywhere.

Colleen has shared her message of practical hope with moms worldwide in Parents magazine, Wall Street Journal Lunch Break, popular parenting podcasts, and on the red carpet at TEDxWilmington. Colleen is the host of the Power Your Parenting: Moms with Teens podcast; in 2021, it was ranked number one among podcasts on parenting teens.

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