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If you are tired of the drama and ready to build healthy relationships with those you love, if you are tired of the drama and ready to create the life you’ve hoped for, I’m here to help. You don’t have to live in my town to work with me; I assist moms from all over the world with in-person retreats and distance coaching programs. I also see clients in my private practice in Houston, Texas. I’ve created multiple ways to serve you and your family. If you still have questions or need help you can click here and I’ll help determine the best way to meet your needs.

Reclaim Your Life: A Retreat for Moms

Are you exhausted, stressed, and needing a break? Then this retreat is for you. Not only will you come away energized and inspired, you will be empowered with practical skills to dial down the drama and feel like yourself again. You’ll receive powerful content based on my bestselling book Dial Down the Drama, plus you’ll have time to share your stories with other moms in a safe, relaxed, and fun atmosphere. (Teenage girls are not the only ones who can have fun.)

In this intimate setting you will feel validated by other moms with teenage daughters. Moms frequently tell me, “I’m so glad I’m not the only one.” You’ll leave this retreat supported by your new friends, and clear about your goals and next steps.

Power Your Parenting®Program

Are you frustrated with your teenage daughter and your life? Or maybe you want to make sure you’re prepared for the teenage years. This will help. My Power Your Parenting®Program is a field-tested system that has changed the lives of several hundred moms from all over the country. This holistic approach teaches you how to dial down the drama, reconnect with your teenage daughter, and reclaim your life.

This seven-week program delivers a life-changing message directly to your inbox for forty-nine days. It also gives you the structure and accountability you need to get out of living reactively so that you can start creating the life you want. Each week you will have a Monday check-in where you will be able to identify—and celebrate—new insights, aha! moments, and breakthroughs.

A huge asset of the program is that you will connect with other moms who share similar challenges with their teenage daughters. On this intimate group call you’ll receive individual coaching from me and be validated, encouraged, and energized by these like-minded moms. Empowered with proactive strategies for parenting and life, you’ll experience new interactions with your daughter and have a renewed gratitude for your life. You’ll be amazed at how different your life can be in just seven weeks.

Dial it Down Now: 90-Day Quickstart Coaching Program for Motivated Moms

Are you so done with your daughter’s drama? Do you stay awake at night worrying if your daughter is going to be okay? Do you feel that it’s is all on your shoulders?

I would love to help. This quickstart program gives you personalized attention with my private coaching sessions—in person, over the phone, through the Internet. I will act as your guide, encourager, and supporter. I supply the information you need and help you apply it to your individualized situation. I also give you the accountability and structure that’s necessary to move forward in your life.

I’m more than just a “mom” coach. I care about how you are doing. If you are exhausted from dealing with your teenage daughter, you’re probably not enjoying the rest of your life. I will not only give you proactive parenting strategies but I will give you strategies for living well. I will help transform your resentments and complaints into a satisfying life for both you and your family.


For those in the Houston area I work with a limited amount of clients in my private practice. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, licensed professional counselor, and life coach. I work with teens, young adults, women in transition, moms and daughters, couples, and families. I integrate family system theory, solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment theory, and interpersonal neuroscience. In other words, I integrate a lot of therapy styles including the coaching model to help you heal your relationships, uncover your true purpose in life, create more happiness, and move to a place of inner peace.

After twenty-five years of helping clients transform their lives here’s what I know . . .

You can change your life. It’s not too late! You don’t need to suffer any longer. Your past does not need to dictate your future. Now is the best time to discover the awesome possibilities for your life. If you feel stuck and nothing seems to work, then you can really benefit from my services now.

You can change how you think. Did you know that scientists have found that a majority of our thoughts are negative and automatic? Often times we are not aware of how these negative thoughts drive our life and create our reality. The problem is that these unhelpful thoughts take us to unwanted destinations. To develop new mindsets it’s advantageous to have a mentor who can help you identify these automatic and obsessive thoughts in order to develop fresh new ways to think about your life. It’s time to move past shame, disappointment, heartache, and past trauma and open a space for new healing experiences and a whole new outlook.

You can change your relationships. Relationships are the greatest gifts in our life, and can be the source of our deepest pain. Lots of people get caught in damaging and reactive patterns of communication. Others grow cold and distant. You don’t need to settle. I can help you get the clarity needed to set appropriate boundaries and establish healthy, loving interactions with your friends, spouses, and children.

My private practice is located at 4010 Blue Bonnet, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77025. You can contact me at, or call me at 713 408-6112.

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