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#168 The Art of a Healing Conversation

In this episode I brought back my friend and colleague Sherry Duson back as guest host where we discuss how to turn a hard conversation into a healing conversation with your teen or young adult. "Sherry Duson is a Texas and an Arizona Licensed Marriage and Family...

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What’s Good About Teens?

I love being around teenagers. They have an energy and joy that's contagious. When you can get past the drama, you can see the teenager's wonderful attributes and qualities, many of which we have lost as adults. Yes, teens can be emotionally reactive but they can...

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#142 What’s Your Face Saying?

This episode was inspired by this quote by Jill Bolte Taylor. "Please be responsible for the energy you bring into this space." Now I know every mom listening is thinking absolutely my teen needs to be responsible for the energy they bring into my space. You are...

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