# 275 Building Belonging with Families: Interview with Chris and Julie Bennet

# 275 Building Belonging with Families: Interview with Chris and Julie Bennet

How can you create a sense of adventure and belonging in your family, even when life gets messy?

What are the essential values that help cultivate a healthy and connected family?

In this episode I interview Julie and Chris Bennett, authors of Fighting for Family, The Relentless Pursuit of Building Belonging.

The Bennetts share their journey of moving from Oklahoma to Los Angeles and how this adventurous leap, combined with facing personal challenges like Julie’s battle with cancer, has shaped their family dynamics.

Julie and Chris Bennett are the founders of Welcome Home Lifestyle which exists to create and promote content that celebrates all things family.

Both Julie and Chris are graduates of Baylor University and have spent the majority of their 23 years of marriage working in vocational ministry. Through overwhelming challenges, they have learned how to fight for the things that matter and devote themselves to helping others do the same.

Alongside their passion for building belonging for others, they love nothing more than beach football, spontaneous road trips, and throwing a good party.

The Bennetts live in Malibu, CA where Chris serves as lead pastor of Vintage Church Malibu.

They emphasize the importance of intentionality in building family connections, advocating for open and honest conversations, and believing the best about each other, even during tough times. The Bennetts discuss their six core values for cultivating family, which include seeking to understand before being understood and working through hard things instead of walking away. They also highlight the significance of humility, vulnerability, and the willingness to learn from each other, noting that a healthy family is about being real and embracing the messiness of life together.

To learn more go to https://www.fightingforfamily.org/

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