# 274 Give Your Teens What Technology Can’t:

# 274 Give Your Teens What Technology Can’t:

Are you worried that technology is taking over your family life, especially with your tweens and teens?

In this episode of the “Power Your Parenting” podcast, Colleen O’Grady hosts Erin Loechner, the author of “The Opt Out Family: How to Give Your Kids What Technology Can’t.” Erin shares her journey from being a social media influencer to leading a low-tech lifestyle. Founder of global tech-free movement The Opt-Out Family, Erin Loechner is a former social media influencer who walked away from a million fans to live a low-tech lifestyle—and is now teaching others how to do the same. Her cutting-edge work has been praised in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and the Huffington Post, as well as on the Today Show. When she’s not scrawling on her trusty steno pad, Erin, her husband, and their three kids spend their days chasing alpenglow, reading Kipling, and biking to town for more tortillas.

Five key points include: 1) The pervasive belief that kids need technology is challenged, suggesting families can thrive without it. 2) Erin’s family motto is “be more engaging than the algorithm,” focusing on meaningful offline activities. 3) The negative impacts of technology on children’s mental health are highlighted with compelling statistics. 4) Erin shares practical strategies for families to reduce screen time, such as creating device-free zones and engaging in tech-free retreats. 5) She emphasizes the importance of parents modeling low-tech behavior and fostering real-life connections to help kids develop critical thinking and a love for discovery. Additionally, Erin discusses the challenges and strategies for managing technology in schools, advocating for alternatives to digital assignments and promoting device-free environments to enhance students’ focus and well-being.

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