# 270 Finish Strong: Tips for Finals and AP Exams: Interview with Lisa Speransky

# 270 Finish Strong: Tips for Finals and AP Exams: Interview with Lisa Speransky

How can moms help their tweens and teens finish the year strong? Do you see your teens procrastinating? How can moms motivate their teens to study and do their best on their finals and AP exams? This episode is full of practical tips and advice to help YOU help your teen.

Our guest today is Lisa Speransky. Lisa grew up in New York City, attending specialized public schools and Columbia University. Through years of her own experience as a well-known tutor and mentor in NYC, she came to understand how a tutoring relationship can be life-changing for a student and began expanding her company in 2003. Lisa also enjoyed a 13-year corporate career in consumer products, spending 3 of those years in a C-level role before returning to IVY to pursue her mission to help students find joy in learning.

How to motivate teens to study?

“Emphasize the higher stakes of final exams compared to regular tests, and remind them that consistent studying can prevent last-minute stress and improve performance.”

How to handle procrastination?

“Encourage the use of calendar blocking to break study tasks into manageable chunks, making it easier to start and stay on track without feeling overwhelmed.”

The importance of reducing stress.

“Help your teen manage exam stress by providing organizational tools and reinforcing that a single test is not the end of the world; your support and understanding are key.”

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