#272 Can Teens Be Financially Literate? Interview with Jeffrey Panik

#272 Can Teens Be Financially Literate? Interview with Jeffrey Panik

Hey moms! Have you ever wondered if your teen or college student truly understands the value of money? Are they financially savvy, or do you often find them struggling to grasp the basics? Today’s episode is all about empowering you to help your teens become financially literate.

With almost twenty-five years of experience as a financial advising professional, Jeffrey Panik, MSFS, CFP® knows that his job is to help clients strike a balance between living well today and planning for the future. Throughout his career, Jeff has worked with hundreds of families, individuals, and small businesses to help them set goals, strategically manage their assets, and work toward achieving their dreams. The first in his family to attend college, Jeff believes it is imperative to start the discussion of financial literacy early to best prepare for financial success throughout life. Jeffrey is the author of Your Future Is Now: A Guide to Understanding Your Finances and Gaining Independence.

In this episode, Jeff emphasizes the importance of starting financial literacy discussions early. He provides practical tips on teaching teens about the real costs of credit cards and responsible spending. You’ll learn about various budgeting tactics that suit different personalities, understand the true costs of college and how to manage student loans effectively, and discover ways to encourage your teens to work part-time and save. Jeff also highlights the value of early financial education and the impact of practical experiences like internships and part-time jobs.

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