# 269 Teens and AI: Pros and Cons: Interview with Audrey Wisch

# 269 Teens and AI: Pros and Cons: Interview with Audrey Wisch

In this episode we talk about Teens and AI. No matter if you are pro AI or against it, AI is here to stay and our teens are using it. Just like social media and smart phones, there are are many good things about AI but there are a lot of unknowns. We explore the wonderful opportunities that AI can bring but also dive into the hard questions. We discuss how AI can amplify what we do as humans but it should never replace our humanness.

Our guest today Audrey Wisch left Stanford to found Curious Cardinals, mobilizing peers to inspire K-12 students to discover their passions. With her vision to unlock students’ potential through personalized mentorship, she raised $6.8m in ventured funding. Recognized by Forbes 30 Under 30, Audrey empowers youth and provides college students meaningful work.

In this episode we explore:

· How will AI change the future of k-12 education? How will AI change the workforce and what affect will that have on our kids?

· How do you go about introducing AI to teens? Where do you draw the line?

· What can we learn from social media’s take over when it comes to navigating this new technology?

· How can parents use AI to save time?

· What are common misconceptions you aim to debunk regarding AI?

· How can AI help teens who are neurodivergent?

· What stance can parents take when it comes to drawing boundaries vs encouraging enthusiastically the utilization of AI in their teens’ lives?

· Should I let my kid use this or not? How should I have conversations with my kids about this?

· Is it cheating to use ChatGPT to help with an essay? How can we think about what’s moral vs what’s not?

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