How to Think About Your Daughter’s Mistakes

Your daughter is going to make mistakes. How do I know this? Teens are hard-wired to make mistakes. In other words because of where teens are developmentally they will make mistakes. How you think about your daughter's mistakes matters significantly. Whether you are able to see her missteps...

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Bringing Down the Wall

Have you ever felt the wall? You know the wall between you and your daughter. It's obvious when the wall is up. It feels icy. She glares at you. She walks past you in the hall. She is walled off in her room. You force her talk but...

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Space Cushions

I am taking an online defensive driving course. I could say I am taking the course because I wanted to lower my car insurance, which is partially true. But the truth is, I was speeding and got a ticket. There you have it. The...

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