12 Days of Mothers Day

12 Days of Mothers Day

How many of you worked on Mother’s Day?

Probably most of you did.

It’s great to get the cards, flowers, and be taken to lunch or dinner. It’s wonderful to be appreciated for all that you do.

But it’s not enough. Here’s why.

I know that most moms are running on empty. Our tanks are completely out of gas.

One of the reasons for this is that our needs get bumped to the bottom of our families never ending to do list. We don’t intend to neglect ourselves it happens by default.

Everything in our family clamors for our attention so we drop our agendas and “Get ‘er Done.”

The problem is we feel it. We lose our joy and zest for life. Our bodies stop cooperating with us. We get these little aches and pains or we get sick. Our resentment factor goes up which blinds us from seeing the blessings in our life.

So I dare you.

I dare you to take the 12 day challenge. See if that makes a difference in your life and your family. If you still feel cranky and blah after doing it for 12 days let me know. If this makes a difference in your life and your daughters please let me know.

See I want you to feel good for Mother’s Day. This is my gift to you.

12 Days of Mothers Day

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