#013 What Fear Does to You and Your Daughter. . .And What You Can Do About It

#013 What Fear Does to You and Your Daughter. . .And What You Can Do About It

Mother Questioning Teenage Daughter About Pregnancy Test

The podcast today comes from the second chapter of my upcoming book Dial Down the Drama. Today we are going to address fear and how this impacts you, your teen, and your parenting.

There are no shortage of things that we can worry about. Will your son or daughter turn out okay? Will they make it into college? Will they turn out to be successful adults? And many of you have heard the saying, “keep them alive to 25,” well that’s  not very comforting either. And then their are all the teenage issues from getting pregnant, addictions, eating disorders, to fatal car accidents.

No wonder we can worry 24/7. The problem is that there is nothing productive with that kind of worrying. It robs you of enjoying your time with your teen and your life.

Most of what we worry about and are fearful of, will never happen. It’s just our imagination torturing us.

The problem is that intense fear throws us into the stress response and compromises our ability to protect our son and daughter. You can literally be paralyzed with fear, or find yourself LOSING it with them when they come home ten minutes after curfew.

In this episode I give you a tool that helps your dismantle the “F” Bomb. (“F” = fear) This way you can excavate the truth from the fear and take effective action to protect and guide your teen.



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