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#023 How to Recapture Your Life

Have you ever felt like everyone in your family is driving your life? I had one mom tell me, "I feel like I'm my daughter's personal assistant. I wish I had one!" This episode is the practical "how to's" on how to recapture your life which...

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#016 How to Reclaim Your “I Feel Good” Energy

Today's episode in my Dial Down the Drama series comes from the fifth chapter in my upcoming book that will be released this November 2015. It takes a lot of energy to protect, nurture, and guide your teenager. And this is only one facet of your...

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#012 Are You All Mothered Out?

Are you feeling "All Mothered Out"? You are definitely not alone. This has become a cultural phenomenon for women. In this podcast you will learn why so many moms feel "All Mothered Out" and how you can turn that around. This is the first podcast in my...

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