#055 Mom, Be Kind to Yourself

#055 Mom, Be Kind to Yourself

Middle aged lady with two small puppies on a walk through the bluebells by the side of the Potamac rive

Moms have no problem being hard on themselves, but often have a hard time being kind to themselves.

Moms don’t do this intentionally. It happens by default, because we are taking care of everyone else’s needs we forget and don’t take the time to care for our own needs. This is not very kind.

My last episode was on expectations. Because we live in a culture of perfectionism we are often striving after unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves. We end up feeling defeated and that’s not very kind either.

We live in such a fast pace world and are constantly bombarded with information, to-do lists leaving us with no time to breathe and that’s not very kind.

In this episode we explore what being kind to ourselves mean, and how to do that in a practical, doable way. When we are kind to ourselves everyone benefits.

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