#016 How to Reclaim Your “I Feel Good” Energy

#016 How to Reclaim Your “I Feel Good” Energy

Today’s episode in my Dial Down the Drama series comes from the fifth chapter in my upcoming book that will be released this November 2015.

It takes a lot of energy to protect, nurture, and guide your teenager. And this is only one facet of your life. This doesn’t include the rest of your family, or your life.

Moms are good at pouring out their good energy to their family but typically we are not good at replenishing this energy.

It can feel selfish.

But if we don’t intentionally recharge our lives it starts to show to everyone around you. Believe me everyone in your family knows when you are stressed or exhausted.

See our life is like a cup. We can only give what’s in our cup. If are cup is full of joy, we pour out joy. If our cup is full of frustration we pour out frustration.

We can’t give and give and give and give and not think that it will take a toll on our body and emotions. No one wins when you are exhausted.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve laughed or enjoyed yourself, then you need to listen to this podcast.

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