#008 Hormone wars! What do you do when midlife meets middle school???

#008 Hormone wars! What do you do when midlife meets middle school???

One of the things we deal with that doesn’t get talked about very often is what the hec you do when your teenaged daughter gets psycho horFamily Counseling - Blame Daughtermonal and you’re in the middle of perimenopause. This combination can be explosive and put even the best of mom/daughter relationships to the test!

So what happens when hormonal teen meets hormonal mom? D.R.A.M.A

In this episode I interview Dr. Anna Garrett. She  has been a clinical pharmacist for over 20 years and has worked in a variety of settings from industry to ambulatory care. Along her career journey, she’s discovered that coaching is her true passion. Her goal in her business is to help women who are in the middle of midlife transitions feel better!

I remember when my daughter was twelve. Yes, she was acting like a twelve year old and giving me big-time attitude but if I’m honest my reaction was over the top. I remember getting really angry, really quickly. One eye roll and my body was ready for war. And though I thought I was putting her in her place, I was only making things worse. My big reactions poured gasoline on the teenage fire. And BTW I was also having a difficult time sleeping and having hot flashes…I was peri-menopausal.

Let’s just say that being peri-menopausal when your daughter is all “hormoned” up is not a good combination. When you are in the middle of the drama—its hard to know whats what. It’s easy to blame your Drama Mama reaction on your Drama Princess.

Dr. Anna Garrett has wonderful, practical advice that can help you feel better right now.

85-90% of women can be helped without hormone replacement, and Dr. Anna tells you how.

She answers these important questions.

1. How can you recognize if you have hormonal issues?

2. What are some things you can start doing today to avoid the symptoms?

3. What role does stress play? Can you talk a little about hormone imbalance and weight gain?

4. What can moms do now to feel better?

Go to Dr. Anna Garrett | Maximizing your mojo in midlife…. and …. get her complimentary Quickstart Guide to Escaping Hormone Hell.

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