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A Much Needed Break

You can feel it. This morning is different. The house is quiet. My daughter and her best friends are sleeping peacefully. The pressure is gone. It's the first day of summer. Woo Hoo!!!! Our daughters know how to celebrate. My daughter couldn't wait for school to be out. (Just...

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Energy is Power: How This Impacts Moms

I open the flight magazine on the plane and these words leaped out at me. Energy is Power. What does this have to do with moms? Everything! If you want to Power your Parenting you need energy. It takes a lot of energy to parent your daughter. Here's...

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Don’t Miss It

Last night I was in the middle of something when my daughter came into the room and said let's go watch a movie. I said "Give me 15 minutes." She said back to me, "You know Mom I will be gone to college in 2...

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