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What a Mother’s Heart Needs

It's all about the heart. This is what enabled me to see my daughter as an "An Amazing Treasure." 'A Mother's Heart' is not talked about in the parenting books. Most parenting books focus on giving you tools and techniques to get through the teenage...

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Everything is a Power Struggle

Here's the hard part for moms. In your head it's super clear. You need her to clean her room. That's not asking too much. It's the least she can do. You are having guests over and you are cleaning the rest of the house, plus making dinner...

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Waves of Blessing

I love the ocean. I enjoy the smell of the ocean, the song of the seagulls and the sound of waves crashing upon the shore. Nothing feeds my soul like the ocean. Last week I took one last trip to the beach before school starts. I...

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