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#019 Getting Ready for Finals With Neha Gupta

[caption id="attachment_3010" align="alignnone" width="851"] The month of May can be a stressful month for both moms and teens. What do you do when your teenage son or daughter lies on the sofa playing on their phone when they  should be studying?. What is your role...

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#015 Why Your Clarity Matters

This episode in my Dial Down the Drama series comes from the fourth chapter in my upcoming book that will be released this November 2015.  Today we are going to discuss why your clarity matters. Your clarity is huge. Without it you can't parent effectively or...

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It’s More than Parenting Techniques

It can get really complicated parenting a teenage girl. That's why parenting techniques often feel insufficient and ineffective. It was definitely easier to discipline when she was little. If your little princess didn't want to clean her room you could give her a choice. "Sweetie, I'm...

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