# 224 Connecting or Correcting Parenting: Interview with Andee Martineaux

# 224 Connecting or Correcting Parenting: Interview with Andee Martineaux

Do you spend more time connecting or correcting your teen? Do you feel that most of your interactions with your teen turn into a long drawn-out battle?

Our guest lives her message. Andee Martineau, is a mom of 6, a reformed yeller, a bestselling author, and the creator of Connect Method Parenting: a breakthrough parenting framework that leverages connection as the primary mechanism for influencing children. Her approach helps parents discover why their kids don’t listen and shows them the step-by-step process of regaining influence and building relationships that will last a lifetime. With hands-on experience raising her own children (ages 14-23), intensive coursework in developmental psychology, and years of experience in parenting coaching, Andee has been able to help thousands of parents learn the parenting methodology that gets their kids to WANT to listen. Her goal is to help parents stay calm, confident, and connected no matter what their kids are doing, and build strong relationships through every phase and stage.

Andee recently published Connect Method Parenting: How to Get Your Kids to Want to Listen to You Without the Yelling, Ultimatums and Bribes.

In this episode, Andee talks about…

  • how parenting is not correcting
  • control the controllables
  • parenting“report card doesn’t include your child’s behavior.
  • why I love D’s F’s and bombed tests.
  • how to connect consistently and choose connection even when you want to yell

Contact Andee at https://connectmethodparenting.com/

Follow Andee on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/andeemartineau/


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