#015 Why Your Clarity Matters

#015 Why Your Clarity Matters

This episode in my Dial Down the Drama series comes from the fourth chapter in my upcoming book that will be released this November 2015. 

Today we are going to discuss why your clarity matters. Your clarity is huge. Without it you can’t parent effectively or enjoy your life.

See your teenage daughter (or son) is clear about what they want. They may not be clear about when their history project is due but they are clear about what they want to do the next weekend.

Often we lose our clarity because we live our lives at 90 miles per hour. We may accomplish lots of things on our to-do lists, but we can end up in a huge fog.

What happens when foggy mom meets clear daughter. Well clarity trumps fog every time.

It’s time to get on the road to clarity which starts with understanding how you lost it in the first place. Next you need to know where you are, (which takes courage and honesty) to get where you want to go.

This can be overwhelming for a lot of moms. You may feel like you  have no idea what you want. Don’t worry we can start small. I’ll give you practical ways to tap into your clarity.

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