# 257 The Screentime Solution: Interview with Emily Cherkin

# 257 The Screentime Solution: Interview with Emily Cherkin

One of the things that makes parenting so hard today is dealing with everything screens with your teens. Screens are a daily battlefield for a majority of parents.

Our guest today is known as the screentime consultant and has just published her book , The Screentime Solution: A Judgment-Free Guide to Becoming a Tech-Intentional Family , and of course in this episode we discuss what does it mean to be a tech intentional family and how to implement that.

Emily Cherkin, M.Ed., is a nationally recognized consultant who takes a tech-intentional approach to addressing screentime challenges. A former middle school teacher, she has been featured for her work in the New York Times, the Washington Post, on the Today Show (twice), Good Morning America, Australia Weekend Today‚ the BBC, NPR, Sirius XM Radio, and numerous parenting websites, blogs, and podcasts. Chuck Norris has quoted her. Emily teaches parenting courses, offers private parent consultations, facilitates professional development training, and provides personalized school presentations built on her tech-intentional approach. As a parent to a twelve- and fifteen-year-old, Emily understands deeply the real-life challenges of parenting in the digital age. Emily is also the co-founder of The Student Data Privacy Project, an advocacy group focused on protecting schoolchildren’s data. More can be

To learn more go to www.thescreentimeconsultant.com.

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