# 255 Three Steps Out of the Shouldstorm: Interview with Dr. Alison Escalant

# 255 Three Steps Out of the Shouldstorm: Interview with Dr. Alison Escalant

Have you even been caught in a Shouldstorm?

A ShouldStorm is a high-pressure culture of criticism and anxiety that pushes perfectionistic parenting. The Shouldstorm has an opinion on every little thing parents do, but it often contradicts itself. It tells parents what they should or should not do, and threatens that kids will suffer if parents don’t follow those shoulds to the letter.

Parents internalize the shoulds; the Shouldstorm lives in our heads and makes parents feel anxiety and shame.

To get free of the Shouldstorm I invited Dr. Alison Escalante to be our guest

Dr. Alison Escalante is a board-certified pediatrician and an Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics at Rush University. She has been treating children for almost twenty years and has spent the last ten years exploring methods and workable solutions to target parental stress. She’s a regular contributor to Psychology Today and Forbes, and her work has also been featured in Inc. and USA Today.

Alison will share a unique approach that helps parents resist a culture that causes anxiety and stress to be more and do more in the pursuit of parenting perfection. Dr. Escalante is a pediatrician, mother and the author of the new book SIGH SEE START: How to be the Parent Your Child Needs in a World that Won’t Stop Pushing.

To learn more go to: https://theprimarycarer.com/

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