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Teens and Pressure

You want the best for your teen. You want her in the best school, taking the best classes. You want her involved and developing her abilities and skills. You want her to be challenged and all this is important for her brain development. But there is...

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Teens and Depression: What Moms Can Do

Have you ever wondered if your teen was depressed? If you have, you're not alone. New York Times released this in February of 2023, "Nearly three in five teenage girls felt persistent sadness in 2021, double the rate of boys, and one in three girls seriously...

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What is a Successful Teenager?

Defining success is tricky, especially when it comes to your teenager. Would you say your daughter is successful? Would your daughter say she was successful? These are uncomfortable questions for both you and your daughter. Here's why. This culture defines success in terms of ranking from the...

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