#053 Gratitude: Are You Feeling It?

#053 Gratitude: Are You Feeling It?

Mother and daughter in a affectionate pose outdoors.

This episode is about, Gratitude: Are You Feeling It? Even though Thanksgiving is just a few days away, this podcast is about (way) more than just Thanksgiving, this info is relevant 365 days a year. In this episode we will talk about why gratitude is good for us. It’s the gateway to true joy and even miracles. We’ll explore why being grateful is challenging at times and definitely not our natural state in this culture. Also, we’ll look at practical steps to put some genuine gratitude back into your life so that you are really feeling it.

One definition of gratitude is, the feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. The key word is feeling. See, you can write 5 things that you are grateful for every night in your gratitude journal and not be feeling it. Naming things to be grateful for is a good start, but you are not going to reap the benefits of gratitude, if you don’t feel it.

Did you know the root of the word gratitude is the Latin word gratis. Do you know what that means? You might think thankful, but it means to be free. So if these words gratitude and free are connected etymologically wouldn’t it make sense that the two are connected psychologically and even spiritually as well. Listen to see why.

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