#044 Does Your Teen Stress You Out?

#044 Does Your Teen Stress You Out?

Angry woman behind excited teen on mobile phone

Does your teen stress you out? If you have a normal teenager then the answer should be yes and the reason for that is where they are developmentally and I talk about the science behind that in the podcast. So yes your teen will stress you out. The better question is how often does your teen stress you out and to what degree? In other words whats the intensity of the stress you feel.

In this episode I go into the major categories of what stresses parents out like monitoring, worrying about their safety and their future.

There will be stress but you don’t want the stress to dominate your life, your parenting, your teen and your home. Stress is not good for you or your relationship with your teen.

Here’s the dilemma. It is stressful parenting a teen but your stress impairs your parenting. Your stress can stress your teenager out. Learn 4 ways to dial down your stress so that you can enjoy the teenage years.

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