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#044 Does Your Teen Stress You Out?

[caption id="attachment_4660" align="alignright" width="849"] Angry woman behind excited teen on mobile phone[/caption] Does your teen stress you out? If you have a normal teenager then the answer should be yes and the reason for that is where they are developmentally and I talk about the science...

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What To Do When Your Daughter’s Upset

Your daughter is going to get upset. The question is how will you handle it? This is a hard one for moms. We hate to see our daughters unhappy, so we jump in and try to fix it, but we make it worse. Your daughter needs what...

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6 Ways to Create a Thriving Home Environment

What is a thriving home environment? A thriving home environment is all the circumstances, conditions, or factors that enable and encourage your family to thrive. Your daughter can be fabulous, but if she is planted in stressful or negative soil she is not going to thrive. I love...

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