#042 Why Intentional Downtime is a Big Deal

#042 Why Intentional Downtime is a Big Deal

The new school year is starting soon or may have already started. Before the year takes off at full time speed, I want to discuss why intentional downtime is a big deal. With our busy schedules downtime is not going to happen naturally, you have to be intentional.

Downtime is a pressure-free zone. It’s non-productive time. There is no competition or comparing yourself to others . There is no pressure to get anything done. There is no agenda. There is nothing hanging over your head. Downtime allows for your mind to wander instead of having focused attention. You get to relax and chill out. Downtime is restful.

In this episode I discuss the 5 Benefits of Intentional Downtime.

1. Downtime allows you and your teen time and mental space to let go of stress caused by friends, grades, a busy schedule, and lots of demands.
2. Downtime naturally brings out our playful nature.
3. Downtime allows for creativity and innovation.
4. Downtime allows you to slow down.
5. Downtime allows your mind to rest,
6. Downtime is good for the teenage and adult brain.

I spend the rest of the episode getting practical. What is a good use of downtime and what is not? How to insert downtime into your very busy schedule?

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