#041 “Everyone Else is Doing It — So Why Can’t I?”

#041 “Everyone Else is Doing It — So Why Can’t I?”

Has your teen ever said anything like, “Mom you are the only one who won’t let me . . .” or “Everyone else is doing it so why can’t I . . .?” If they have, congratulations you have a normal teenager. Teens from all over the planet use tactics like these to try to manipulate you to get their way.

In this episode will look at the many different tactics that teen use. These teenage tactics only work when we are not 100% clear if we are making the right decision. These tactics can open the door to a whole lot of drama.

You can shut these tactics down when you are 100% clear. However, there are two big challenges to becoming clear. One, is the Moving Target Syndrome, and two, is Mother Fog. We will discuss how to take your clarity back.

Also, in this episode we will discuss the downside of making decisions based on consensus and why your clarity is a personal decision.

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