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Messy Houses and Meltdowns

It seems so simple. In your head, it's super clear. All you need her to do is clean her room. That's not asking too much. It's the least she can do. You are having guests over and you are cleaning the rest of the house, plus...

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#036 Are You Too Hard or Too Soft on Your Teen?

[caption id="attachment_4443" align="alignright" width="425"] Teenage girl consoling her sad upset friend[/caption] I hear parents second guess themselves saying things like, "I wasn't hard enough on him," or " I was too soft on her." And what they are really talking about is their parenting approach in...

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#21 How to Discipline Your Teen

"You can't tell me what to do!" Let's face it disciplining a defiant teen is challenging. Because parents often feel powerless when it's two hours past curfew,  we can be flooded with a whole array of emotions. At this point we are not thinking clearly. This...

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