#024 How to be Your Daughter’s Dream Maker

#024 How to be Your Daughter’s Dream Maker

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“How to be your daughter’s (or son’s) dream maker” is a complicated question. 

Your daughter or son may not know what they want to be when they grow up.

Your son is set to get a scholarship for baseball in college but he decides his senior year in high school that he wants to quit baseball.

You have your dreams for your daughter. You went to a community college and so you want your daughter to have an opportunity to go out of state to a reputable university. She wants to stay home because she doesn’t want to leave her boyfriend.

And then there’s the “dream”. This is the ideal for teens held up by the culture. Your teen is popular, makes good grades, and excels at sports or the arts. They get accepted to the university of their choice with lots of scholarship money. She finds the boy of her dreams in college, who has a promising future. He graduates in four years, and gets his dream job right out of college.

Parents (and teens) feel pressured to make the “dream” happen. This is the source of much drama and conflict. Moms can feel ashamed and embarrassed if their teen falls short of the “dream.”

This episode redefines what is a successful teen and shows that there are many paths to success.

This podcast comes from the twelfth chapter in my book, Dial Down the Drama: Reducing Conflict and Reconnecting with Your Teenage Daughter—A Guide for Mother’s Everywhere. Today’s episode will help you avoid many of the struggles in regard to their future and will show you how to best support, encourage, and motivate your teen to reach their dreams.

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