#007 Drugs, Alcohol and the Teenage Brain: What Moms Need to Know

#007 Drugs, Alcohol and the Teenage Brain: What Moms Need to Know

Your son or daughter is swimming in a teen culture of drugs and alcohol. Because of this you can’t help but worry.underage youth drinking and driving

Today my dear friend Julia Wolf answers your questions about the impact of drugs and alcohol on your teen. Julia is a seasoned Licensed MFT and has a thriving private practice in the Houston area. Julia was the Director of Community and Behavioral Health at the Houston Council of Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

So what’s the big deal if my teen drinks wine and beer with her friends. They all do it.

First Julia and I discuss how alcohol and drugs affects the teenage brain. The teenage brain is vulnerable to outside toxins of alcohol and drugs. This is because the teen brain is under construction just like a house with no roof. Because of this teens are more at risk for addiction especially when you throw in the undeveloped prefrontal cortex. Binge drinking and drug abuse are more than a moral issue, it is a brain issue.

In this episode we discussed these questions. How does alcohol or drugs put your teen at risk? How can parents know if their teen is using? What are the warning signs? What do you do if you suspect your teen is abusing alcohol or drugs?

The good news is that there is lots of support for moms and teens. One of the most important things you can do is stay connected to your teen. You want to be able to have honest and real conversations with your teen about the risks of alcohol and drugs. Most importantly you want to be your teens safe haven and take action when needed.

Current research has shown that a healthy attachment between parent and teen reduces the risk of addiction. That’s one of the reasons I created the Power Your Parenting program. It gives you practical ways to reconnect with your teen and open up the communication. You really can turn your relationship with your teen around. If your interested in learning more about the Power Your Parentiing program contact me.



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