#005 Why Tutors Can Make Mom’s Life Easier with Neha Gupta

#005 Why Tutors Can Make Mom’s Life Easier with Neha Gupta

School is winding down, but the stress is amping up. Finals are around the corner and the pressure is on. It’s easy to find yourself in a battle mode with your teen around studying and homework. When you add stress to the mix, it’s easy for your teen  to blow a gasket when you ask them a simple question like, “Do you have a test tomorrow?”

Tests, homework, projects, and finals can be very stressful for moms. You know their grades matter. It’s easy to feel like the burden of your child’s future is all on your shoulders. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. You can build a Mom Team. A great place to start is to hire a tutor, or an organizational coach.

Neha-31-200x300Neha Gupta, the owner of Elite Private Tutors states “she makes mom’s life easier.” In this podcast Neha talks about when is a good time to hire a tutor, how they can be helpful and what to look for. She gives advice on how to sell the idea of a tutor to your resistant teen who thinks they don’t need any help. She also gives moms tips on how to best motivate you son and daughter and how to avoid the common pitfalls moms fall into. She believes the secret sauce for moms  is to be consistently positive and encouraging to your teen.

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