#004: I Believe in You

#004: I Believe in You

The greatest gift you can give your teenage son or daughter is to believe in them.Young Woman Texting

The real question is–what do you believe about them? And what you believe, boils down to what you focus on. If you focus on their good qualities and you combine that with faith, you are going to believe good things. If you focus on their attitudes and mistakes it’s going to land you in fear. When fear strikes it blinds you from the good qualities in your teen. Your sight get’s restricted to the very thing you are afraid of. Fear blows things out of proportion and greatly impacts both you and your teen. Your son and daughter are significantly impacted by what you believe about them.

See, there is no perfect teen. They are a work in progress. Every teen is a mixed bag of drama, mistakes, talents, beauty and amazing possibilities. Listen and learn the Five Ways to Restore Your Belief in Your Teen.





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