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I Want My Life Back

Last week Sara came to see me in my private practice. Sara had that spaced out, frazzled look. She said, "I want my life back. It's only the first week of summer and I'm ready for school to start." Sara really didn't want school to start,...

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Does Multi-tasking Really Work?

We call it multi-tasking. Women pride themselves for being able to do a million things at once. Here's my question. How's it working for you? My guess is that it's not working that well. Something is going to be compromised. It's not just that we are doing several...

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How to Like Your Daughter Again

You love your teenage daughter--but do you like her? It's common for moms to worry, obsess, and do their best to love their daughters. But if they're honest, what with the entitled attitude, defiant actions, and impulsive tongue, it's often hard to like them. Bottom line:...

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