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How To Prepare for THIS School Year?

I have talked to moms from around the country and it's different for all of you. Some of your teens have already started school, and others will start after Labor Day. Some of you have teens going back to in-person school. Some teens are alternating...

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How to Get Your Teen to Exercise

There are physiological reasons why exercise decreases drama. I know when I exercise consistently I am more patient and pleasant to be around. The same is true for your teenager. Consistent exercise, especially cardio, decreases stress and therefore will decrease drama. The Problem is current trends...

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#22 What Your Teen Needs to Thrive

What does your son or daughter need to thrive? This is an important question for both you and your teen. The answer is sometimes personal to your own taste, but often it is applicable to all of us. This is especially true for teens. One frequent...

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