# 264 Will the Drama Ever End? : Interview with Dr. Karyl McBride

# 264 Will the Drama Ever End? : Interview with Dr. Karyl McBride

Were you raised by a narcissistic parent, or did you marry a narcissist? How do you raise kids to not be narcissistic? What are the harmful effects of parental narcissism, and how do you heal from that? Dr. Karyl McBride is our guest today.

Karyl McBride, PhD LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, just like me. She’s in Denver, Colorado with 39 plus years of public and private practice. She specializes in treating clients with dysfunctional family issues.

For the past many years, Dr. McBride has been involved in private research regarding parental narcissism and the debilitating effects of narcissism in relationships. She has treated many adult children of narcissistic parents, as well as many others involved in relationships with narcissists in her private practice. Dr. McBride is considered a pioneer and leading expert in her field.

Dr. McBride has also extensive clinical experience in the fields of trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence, divorce, and step family therapy, marital and family therapy, and specialized trauma treatment like eye movement, desensitization, reprocessing, otherwise known as EMDR.

“Narcissistic parenting tends to present in either engulfing or ignoring, which kind of seem like opposite. But with the engulfing narcissistic parent, the child never really gets a chance to develop who they are, because they’re constantly being told what to think, what to wear, how to dress, how to wear your hair, what to believe in, how we act. So that pushes out that time for the psychic energy of the child to be developing.

The child that is ignored, the other type of narcissistic parenting, that child is scurrying around constantly trying to get the love and approval and affection and attention of the narcissistic parent. And therefore, again, the psychic energy is taken up. So they’re not able to focus on themselves.” Dr. Karyl McBride

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