#253 Is This Anxiety or an Excuse? Interview with Cynthia Coufal

#253 Is This Anxiety or an Excuse? Interview with Cynthia Coufal

“I have anxiety I can’t do my homework.” Statements like this leave moms wondering, “Is this anxiety or an excuse? Most of us have some level of anxiety and so this can be very confusing for moms.

An anxious teen is challenging to parent especially if they refuse to do something they should do, like go to school, go to soccer practice, or do their homework. It’s easy to get into arguments with an anxious teen. Conversations frequently spin out of control.

To talk about these challenges I have invited Cynthia Coufal to join us today

Cynthia Coufal is a Certified Life Coach for teens and young adults. She has a podcast and YouTube channel called The Teen Anxiety Maze. Cynthia spent 31 years as a teacher and school counselor in Public Schools. She started a podcast during the pandemic to reach her students since she couldn’t see them face to face. This led to her wanting to have a broader audience than just the students in her school building. Cynthia now has clients around the US and listeners all over the world. Cynthia is YouMap®Assessment Certified. She uses the profile to help young people understand what their strengths, values, preferred skills, and interests are. This helps them find their WHY for tackling anxiety.

Email: ccoufal@cynthiacoufalcoaching.com

Website: www.cynthiacoufalcoaching.com




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