#241 What’s Your Personality Type? Enneagram and Moms: Interview with Elaine Bailey Anderson

#241 What’s Your Personality Type? Enneagram and Moms: Interview with Elaine Bailey Anderson

The idea for this podcast came out of one of the discussions from my Moms Moving Forward group. We were talking about how being a mom forces us to grow and become more aware of our unconscious patterns. A couple of moms in the group shared how the Enneagram helped them understand their personality type. This helped them see their unique strengths but also it enabled them to see their blindspots which had negatively impacted their mothering. Becoming aware of these blindspots or unconscious patterns allowed them to change the pattern and have a much more rewarding relationship with their son or daughter.

I wanted to bring in a guest who is an expert on the Enneagram to explain what it is and how it can be useful to you. Enneagram is not a religion; it’s a tool to help you understand your personality type.

Elaine Bailey Anderson is the owner and founder of Coach Brilliant, a coaching academy that serves professional coaches, and service-based business owners, offering training and certifications, as well as business and marketing strategy.

Elaine is an Accredited Professional with the International Enneagram Association with over 30 years of professional expertise in Human Resource Development.

As a professional Leadership Development Consultant, Elaine has designed programs in leadership, coaching, and behavioral skills, delivering training to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses around the world, and working with thousands of executives, managers, and leaders.

You can contact Elaine at: info@coachbrilliant.com or www.coachbrilliant.com


Want to know your personality type?

You can have a one-on-one coaching session with Elaine to find out your Enneagram type. (Normally this is $250 but for our listeners, Elaine is offering it for $150.)

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