# 215 Tips From a College Admissions Expert: Interview with Sam Hassell

# 215 Tips From a College Admissions Expert: Interview with Sam Hassell

The college admissions process can be stressful and intimidating for both parents and teens. I’ve brought in an expert who can help us understand what today’s colleges are really looking for. This episode will give you practical and tactical advice.

.Sam Hassell holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California and is a published research scientist, having spent four years in psychology and neuroscience research at Columbia University. In his research, he investigated topics such as vicarious emotion processing; the role of mindset in influencing various domains from physical performance to mental experience; and the effects of misinformation. Building upon his experiences in academia and over a decade in educational services, Sam spearheaded the Great Minds Advising program, a premium college consulting service at Westchester Prep, where he is also currently an owner. His college advising team leverages cutting-edge strategy and insight into the college review process while helping students intricately craft the intellectual depth, niches, and admissions stories that set them apart at even the most elite colleges. For the most recent 2022-23 application cycle, 100% of the Great Minds Advising team’s students applied early decision and were accepted. Over the past 3 years, Sam and his team’s students have earned admission to Columbia, Yale, Stanford, Penn, Duke, Dartmouth, Vanderbilt, WashU, UC-Berkeley, and many other top institutions, gained admission to the Ivy League at a rate of 11x the national average, and earned over $1M in merit scholarships.

Episode Highlights:

  • The unique challenges of students applying in 2023 and beyond
  • Is taking optional tests an advantage for college applicants
  • Difference between hard factors or metrics versus soft factors in admissions
  • Does putting pressure on our teens make any difference
  • Ideal age for students and parents to start thinking about college admissions and where a child’s passions and abilities lie
  • Encouragement to the listeners

Contact Sam:


company emailinfo@westchesterprep.com

email (mine)sam@greatmindsadvising.com

company phone: (914) 495-8648






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