#140 How to Raise Grateful Teens

#140 How to Raise Grateful Teens

You may be thinking my teen is anything but grateful. Teens are definitely not naturally grateful but there are things you can do to increase gratitude in your teens. In this episode we talk about why gratitude is so important and how we can teach our teens to be grateful and thankful.

On our show today we have a special guest ERICKA SÓUTER, Parenting Expert and Author of How to Have a Kid and a Life: A Survival Guide. Erika is a nationally recognized voice in parenting news and parenting advice. She has over 20 years of journalism experience and is a frequent contributor on Good Morning America and other national broadcast outlets, where it’s her job to speak to parents across the country about the issues, controversies, and trends most affecting families today. Her writing has also been featured in People magazine, Us Weekly, Essence, Cosmopolitan, Self and WebMD. She received her bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Website: ErickaSouter.com

Twitter: @erickasouter

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/erickasouter/



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