#079 What to Do With (Teen) Drama Thinking: “Everyone Hates Me”

#079 What to Do With (Teen) Drama Thinking: “Everyone Hates Me”

Does your teen tend to say extreme generalizations like “everyone at school is so fake”, “all the teachers are mean,” or “I have no friends.” These kind of statements can drive you crazy. You think your daughter is being so overdramatic or you think geez my son is so negative.

Why does this bother you? Teens often speak in one extreme or the other. This can be called binary thinking, black and white thinking or all or nothing thinking. The problem is this type of thinking is hurtful to your teen and to others.

If you teen tends to speak this way, they are not the only one. Actually, teens from all over the world often talk this way. Why is that?

The answer lies in Neuroscience.

In this episode I will give you practical steps to move your teen past this all or nothing thinking including avoiding the drama traps.

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