#078 “MOM, Why Don’t You Trust Me!”

#078 “MOM, Why Don’t You Trust Me!”

Has your teen ever said to you, “Why don’t you trust me?” My guess is they have. This usually happens when you’ve questioned what your teen said, or you’ve said no to something he/she really wanted to do.

When a teen says, “You don’t trust me,” it can be confusing for moms. In this episode we will explore why moms get confused when teens say, “You don’t trust me!” We’ll look at why teens say that and what they are really up too.

Should we trust our teens?

This is the big question. And on what basis do we make that decision. We’ll let neuroscience answer that. Finally we’ll look at the best way to respond to your teen when they yell out, “MOM, Why don’t you trust me?”

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