#060 What’s Your Biggest Fear . . . About Your Teen?

#060 What’s Your Biggest Fear . . . About Your Teen?

Depressed middle aged woman sitting isolated , lost in thought

This episode talks about the biggest drain to your energy, vitality, and your life. Fear…especially all the fear around your teen and parenting your teen.

If you are a parent of a teenager; you can’t escape fear. You are going to experience fear. The challenge is how to make the fear useful.

Unbridled and unconscious fear can cripple you and drain you of all your energy, joy, and happiness. In order to not let fear dominate your life, you need a way to manage your fear.

This starts with being aware of what your fear is…because if you are not, fear can unconsciously drive your thoughts, feelings and actions. This is not helpful to you or your teen. You can become paralyzed by fear and not able to protect your teen. Or you can become so obsessed about your fear that you are constantly combative towards your teen.

This episode will help you take obsessive fear and make it useful. You will learn how to dismantle the F (fear) Bomb. You will learn a 3-part process; identify your big fear, Excavate the truth, and Turn your fear into action steps.

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