#046 Mom . . . It’s Not Personal

#046 Mom . . . It’s Not Personal

Often moms are told to “not take things personally,” which could be said by a well-meaning spouse. Sometimes those words are said to shut down the conversation that mom desperately needs to have. Well, that’s not helpful.

However in this episode we are going to explore “it’s not personal.” My intention is not to minimize mom’s experience, it is to help protect mom’s heart and energy. “Taking things personally” can cause so much anxiety, hurt, anguish, sadness, suffering and just sucks the life out of you.

We will explore what “taking it personally” really means. What are some of the things moms take personally? Why does taking things personally cause so much pain and suffering? Why taking things personally is not helpful to you and your teen?

Then we will look at why “it’s not personal” through the lens of neuroscience. Finally, and most importantly we will discuss how you can protect yourself and your heart from taking things personally.

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