#038 New Social Anxiety in Teens: Apps, Selfies, and Smart Phones

#038 New Social Anxiety in Teens: Apps, Selfies, and Smart Phones

Whenever I speak to moms I tell them, “This is one of the most challenging times to raise a teen.” A huge reason for this is navigating through the treacherous waters of cell phones, social media, and internet with teenagers. Most parents are blind sided with their teens about all thing digital because we didn’t go through this when we were teens. It feels like the iPhone has been around forever but actually it was released in 2007. So your mom didn’t have to deal with these cyber space issues when parenting you.

Did you know that the average American touches their phone 2617 times a day?

Did you know that According to Common Sense Media, teens spend an average of nine hours a day online?

Studies have shown that the rise of anxiety and loneliness in teens is directly related to how much teens are online. 1 of 3 teenage girls will experience significant anxiety.
In this podcast I talk about “The 4 big problems with phones, social media, internet and teens.”
1. The addictive nature of all things online
2. Loneliness
3. Social comparison and why selfies are more like a question than a statement
4. Fomo (Fear of missing out) and how Snapmap is really EOMO (Evidence of missing out.)

Most importantly we will end with what moms can do about this.

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