#034 Help for Moms with Strong Willed Daughters

#034 Help for Moms with Strong Willed Daughters

Isolated portrait of beautiful black teenage girl pouting

My friend sent me a post that said, “Check on your friends with strong willed daughters. We are not ok.” I laughed but what really struck me is how many thousands of moms had shared it. Obviously it struck a chord.

A strong willed daughter has an upside and then the shadow or dark side. Think of it as different sides of the same coin.

Really we want a strong willed daughter.
Strong: Having great physical, moral, and intellectual power.
Will: used to express desire, choice, willingness, consent, or in negative constructions refusal.

There is something beautiful, courageous and noble in a strong willed girl.

And then the dark side of an immature teen..
1. They approach the world from a one-up position.
2. They are relentless about getting their way.
3. They are all armored up. They hide the vulnerable emotions.
4. They can take on too much. It’s hard to ask for help.

In this episode we will talk about how to protect the spirit of the strong willed girl and how to effectively parent the dark side. And not let it get the best of you.

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