#20 How Good Moms Become Drama Mamas

#20 How Good Moms Become Drama Mamas

Woman furious with teenage daughter

How Good Moms Become Drama Mamas is the title of Chapter 8 in my book Dial Down the Drama: Reducing Conflict and Reconnecting with Your Teenage Daughter. In the previous podcast (which comes from Chapter 7) I discuss why teens are hardwired for drama. However, moms can get hooked in their daughter’s drama and even escalate the drama. No mom intends to ‘lose it’ with their daughters, it is an automatic reaction when our daughter’s push our buttons.

I surveyed moms of teenage girls and asked them what “buttons” does your teenage daughter push. From their responses I identified The Disrespect Button, The Guilt Button, The Taken for Granted Button to  name a few.

What happens when they push our buttons? (I think you know:) We REACT. And our reaction can trigger another REACTION from our teen, and before you know it, you are in a full-blown drama dance. This podcast helps you be aware of some of the typical drama dances between moms and teens and what you can do to break free and create a whole new interaction with your teenager.


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